Dr. Amy Kaufman

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Amy specializes in Non-profit Business Accounting Management and has been the Business Manager of the Butler Institute of American Art for the past 5 years.  She has worked at several other non-profits prior with her specialties always being reorganization of accounting and human resource procedural processes, network administration and overall cost allocation and cost-reduction directives.  She has managed over 30 grants and had her own successful business for a period of about 20 years.

Amy possesses a dual Masters in Business Administration with a Human Resource specialty as well as a Masters in Accounting and Financial Management.  She is currently one semester away from completing her Doctorate in Business Administration in Accounting.

Although Amy has a great passion for non-profit financial management, her true loves are her husband Scott, 3 children and her 4 grandchildren.  She enjoys spending time taking the kids to the park and also going swimming.  Her interest in the Hope Foundation stems from her lovely niece whom at the age of 4 was discovered to have life-threating insulin dependent diabetes.  Until recently thanks to the “pump” technology, she was receiving up to 7 injections a day.  It is amazing though, how resilient sweet Camille is despite her chronic condition. Amy hopes to bring her financial expertise to the table and aid in the fundraising for the Foundation.