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We have come together to help our community and make the quality of life better in our Mahoning Valley. This is how we are doing it. This will be a long-lasting partnership to help and make our community healthy again in as many ways as we can. Shaklee nutritional supplements and ‘green’ cleaning products are some of the safest and most natural on the market. And with more than 90 peer-reviewed clinical studies published in national medical journals, they absolutely prove it. Look for yourself, check out the Shaklee Product Reference Guide for all product information. A portion of all purchases through The Hope Foundation Shaklee site will be donated back to help us improve the quality of life for chronically/terminally ill children in more ways than one.

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Shaklee Product Reference Guide

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See Below: Recommendations/Suggestions on Your Health for Kids/Adults

A supplement ONLY has to contain 15% natural ingredients in order to be called “Natural.” This is a comparison of the 3 different types of vitamins that are on the market today; synthetic, so called natural & the Shaklee Food Supplement Difference. Please click “The Real 3 Types of Vitamins” Lemon Display.

Shaklee products are assured to be effective. If you’re not satisfied, they come with a 100% money-back guarantee. So you really have nothing to lose! And here’s the best part – when you click the button below to purchase Shaklee nutritional supplements, Skin Care and/or home cleaning products, essentially any Shaklee product, a portion of purchases will be donated to The Hope Foundation.

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Here is a list of toxins in your own house and a video with supporting documentation. Is Your House Healthy (PDF) | Toxic Brew in the House (Video)

You’ll also receive a FREE personalized HealthPrint Evaluation by a licensed health care professional that includes advice on what supplements would benefit your health. Your Personal HealthPrint Evaluation will be sent directly to you. And you do not have to be a member or make a purchase to get a FREE HealthPrint Evaluation. (Courtesy of The Hope Foundation Shaklee Site)

FREE HeathPrint Evaluation By Professionals

Become a Lifetime Shaklee membership for $19.99 and receive a 15% discount on all Shaklee purchases. Certain purchase will include a FREE Lifetime Shaklee membership. If you’re already a member in another organization, you can still make a donation to The Hope Foundation. No donation is too big or too small, and all are very much appreciated. And don’t forget to download the FREE Shaklee app on your Iphone/Android for more helpful resources on healthy living.

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Recommendations/Suggestions on Your Health for Kids/Adults

Children’s Health
In credivites multi & immunity Shaklee meal Shakes, Chewable Vita C, & Chewable Calcium, Defend & Resist for Illness and remove all chemical cleaners from the home.

Healthy Home
Basic H All Purpose Cleaner & Wipes, Basic G Germicide & Wipes, Laundry Liquid & Powder, Nature Brite, Liquid Softner & Dryer Sheets, Dish Liquid & Dishwasher Powder, Skin Car & Personal Care Products

Recommendation: Remove All Chemical Cleaners from under the sink & Household and move to the Garage (See the list of toxins your house)

Base Program For Over-All Health
Vita Lea, B-Complex, Vitamin C & Life Protein Shake or Vitalizer Strip & Life Shake

Health Cleanse
Liver DTX, Herb LAX, Alfalea, & Opti Flora (Fiber Tabs or Mix Optional)

Immune Support
Nutriferon, Immunity Formula I, Vitamin C, Extra Help Defend & Resist, Vialized Immunity Fizzes & Remove all chemicals Cleansers

Energy Products
Energy Green & Pomegranate Tea, Energy Chews, Cor-Energy Orange or Lemon-Lime Performance

Joint Health
Joint Health Complex (Glucosamine), Omega Guard, Alfalfa, Join & Muscle Pain Cream, & Pain Relief Complex’

Memory Help
Mindworks, Mental Acuity, & Lecithin

At DNA Level=Vivix w/Resveratrol/Polyphenols, For Extra Support add Carotomax & Flavomax