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Mary Duke
H.O.P.E. Honoree 2018

Photo of Mary Duke


Ms. Duke was the recipient of the 2018 H.O.P.E Honoree for Lifetime Achievement from the Foundation.

The executive director of “Teen Straight Talk” since the ministry’s founding (along with her late husband, Roland H Duke in 1989, she has traveled throughout the United States in order to educate our nation’s youth.Through her educating, she has witnessed souls won for the kingdom of God and people committing to an abstinence (abstaining from high risk behavior) lifestyle.

More info about the H.O.P.E for Lifetime Achievement & the Wine for Hope.

In 2004, TST was chosen as one of 25 Abstinences Programs in the United States for the unveiling of its new faith-based Abstinence. She has not served our community for nearly 30 years and also led multiply overseas mission trips in order to educate and be a difference-maker in the world.

She has also spearheaded mission trips in coordination with doctors, nurses, health care providers, and Christian educators to South Africa, Zimbabwe, St. Lucia, the Dominican Republic, and most recently, El-Salvador.

She says it is an absolute privilege to be able to speak to thousands of children in the Trumbull, Mahoning area and throughout the United States.  In recognition of her commitment to the Mahoning Valley, she was presented the “Professional Woman of Trumbull County Achievement Award” by the YWCA and AAUW.  She has also represented Teen Straight Talk at the White House during NATIONAL AIDS WEEK.

She is a graduate of Kent State University where she earned Special Education degree.  She has four children who have all chosen careers in the healthcare field and considers her relationship with God and her children’s achievements as the most important things in her life.

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