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Betty Strawderman
H.O.P.E. Honoree 2022

Photo of Better Strawderman

Betty Strawderman is a licensed cosmetologist, pre-school teacher, Daycare Provider, Overhead Crane Operator at the steel mill and have always been so blessed to find work from which I am retired. She began serving wayward children in 1977 which lend my journey to protect and rescue children from sex trafficking, abuse and neglect, poverty and provide temporary or years of shelter, education, and food. Because of these skills, Betty was able to provide for hundreds of children in Northeast Ohio. and in 2012 and became a non-profit Children’s Shelter named “Betty’s Angels.” She has received awards in Trumbull and Mahoning County, the 2021 Remarkable Woman, 2021 Hometown Hero, 2013 Queen Foundation and 2011 Community Star.

All of these awards were given to Betty throughout the years. In 1977, neighbors talked about prostitutes at the corner car wash, where she went to see and they were kids 13-14 years-old who “shared their story” that they were sexually violated at home. Back then, it was easier to serve the public than to hurt the most valuable person in their lives – their mother. Betty offered them a home and education and told them they didn’t have to do this for shelter, and she would work for them. First one came then four more came then two boys came and it never stopped. Her greatest reward in life was when she spoke with the Angels of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s and when they realized they are “valuable,” successful and honest. She loves her life with the children to watch them learn to crawl, walk, talk, read, smile and laugh – then graduate. Betty truly has been blessed to witness and enjoy every child because they deserve to be loved so my journey isn’t over just yet.

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