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Coach Dom Rosselli -
Hall of Fame 2012

Photo Of Rosslli

Coach Dom Rosselli was a remarkable individual, for he combined civic concern and commitment with selfless initiative to become a dynamic leader in the area. The winninest coach in Youngstown State University men’s basketball and baseball history, he compiled a career record of 600-393 during his forty-year tenure and 490-314 during his thirty-one-year tenure in the latter, as well as several post-season tournament berths in both sports. A staunch advocate of the campus community by supporting great causes, like the Hope Foundation of the Mahoning Valley, including volunteering as the first honorary coach for the Game of Hope Charity Basketball Classic in 2005, and through his unwavering dedication to excellence, he certainly distinguished himself as a conscientious and hard-working individual.

Coach Rosselli’s exceptional record of personal and professional success stands as a hallmark worthy of emulation, and he has inspired countless people to excel in numerous areas of endeavor. The respect and admiration he earned throughout his life are clearly evident, and his accomplishments serve as a justifiable source of pride for the family he committed himself to and the community.

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