DreamCatchers for Kids™ was founded in 2016 with the singular purpose of enhancing the lives of Mahoning Valley children with life-threatening medical conditions by creating amazing experiences that will bring them joy and hope.

Our team works closely with families, doctors, and caregivers to get to know the children and the one special dream that they keep in their hearts. From spending a day at the zoo to meeting their favorite superhero, we use our resources to do what we can to make each dream come true.

The goal is simple – to rejuvenate a child’s spirit by making a good dream a reality.

We are NOT Accepting ANY APPLICATIONS at this time.

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The Origin of the Dream Catcher

According to Ojibwe Nation legend, Asibikaashi (Spider Woman) helped Wanabozhoo bring the sun back to the people after night. Asibikaashi took care of the people, her children, but as the Ojibwe Nation spread out across North America, she had difficulty making the journey to all of the children.

So, mothers, grandmothers, and sisters weaved magical ‘spider webs’ using willow hoops and sinew to hang from a child’s cradleboard. The dream catcher lets the good dreams through filters out all the bad dreams, which are dispelled by the first rays of sunlight.

Do you know a child whose dream you want to help make a reality? Nominate a child for DreamCatchers by filling out the HIPAA Authorization Form and Nomination forms below and mail them to:

The Hope Foundation of the Mahoning Valley
DreamCatchers for Kids
P.O. Box 733 Youngstown, OH 44501

HIPAA Authorization Form

DreamCatchers for Kids Nomination Form (coming soon)

Email The Hope Foundation at info@hopemv.org for any questions.

Help make dreams come true!

DreamCatchers for Kids fulfills the dreams of children with chronic and terminal illnesses through charitable donations. You can help us continue our mission by clicking the Donate Now button or by mailing a check made payable to The Hope Foundation of the Mahoning Valley.

Please mail your check to:
The Hope Foundation of the Mahoning Valley
DreamCatchers for Kids
P.O. Box 733 Youngstown, OH 44501