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Our History

The Hope Foundation traces its roots back to 2005, during the inaugural Game of Hope Basketball Event. The event, which brought together community leaders in the business, civil service, and local government fields, was organized with the goal of raising money for children battling chronic or terminal illnesses. 

The event left an impression on Founder, Anthony Spano, who left the basketball event motivated to continue these fundraising efforts on a grander scale. After two years of planning and organizing, Anthony Spano and his committee and team officially founded The Hope Foundation of the Mahoning Valley in 2007. Since its founding, The Hope Foundation of the Mahoning Valley has expanded upon the foundation laid by the Game of Hope, raising thousands of dollars for children with chronic or terminal illnesses, while also volunteering their time and organizing events.

The foundation is 100% volunteer with no administrative costs or salaries.

Today, The Hope Foundation has helped over 3,400 children, hosted and participated in more than 50 unique initiatives, and raised an average of $1,500 per initiative. Our Board of Directors is a key part of organizing these events and fundraisers, as they work tirelessly to ensure their success, and that these children receive the assistance they need. The members of our Board volunteer their time and resources to improve the lives of these children.

Whether it be through grants, donations, or volunteer events, everything we do is all for the kids. 

Photo of two girls At A Farm With A Dog
Hope Foundation Members Posing In Front Of A Christmas Tree
Hope Foundation Members Posing on a Basketball court

Our Board of Trustees

Today, our organization is guided by our experienced Board of Trustees. The Board’s responsibility is to establish organizational policies, make decisions on grants and donations, and ensure that each action taken by The Hope Foundation of the Mahoning Valley is aligned with our mission and values.

Our Board also includes committees, who review and consider many different requests from eligible individuals, families, and organizations committed to using the funds within our stated mission.

Our Board Members

Photo of Hope Member

Dr. Amy Kaufman


Photo of Hope Member

George Gabriel


Photo of Ostapiak

Jennifer Ostapiak


Photo of Justin Yost

Justin Yost


Photo of Baal

Anita Baal

Board Member

Photo of Ash

Ashley Carocci

Board Member

Photo of Hope Member

Catherine Miller

Board Member

Photo of Rizer

Jackie Rizer

Board Member

Photo of Vivo

Jim Vivo

Board Member

Photo of Williams

Kurt Williams

Board Member

Photo of Reinke

Kyle Reinke

Board Member

Photo of Pat

Patrick Finn

Board Member

Photo of Reyno

Ray Esparra

Board Member

Photo of Bob Naples

Dr. Robert Naples Jr.

Board Member

Photo of Hope Foundation Member

Anthony Spano

Founder/Executive Director

Doctor Advisory Board

Photo of Gio Vescera

Dr. Giorgio Vescera

Photo Of Dr. Cox

Dr. John Cox

Photo of Bob Naples

Dr. Robert Naples Jr.

Trustee Emeritus

  • Adam Tokash
  • Dr. Harold Yiannaki
  • Larry Ryan
  • Maria Constantino
  • Nick Graham
  • Scott Schulick
  • Sharon Schroeder

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