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Foundation Earns Gold Seal Recognition for Transparency and Accountability

The Hope Foundation of the Mahoning Valley, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support and resources to children and their families for chronically/terminally ill, has earned the Gold Seal recognition from Candid/Guidestar. This prestigious award is given to nonprofit organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to transparency and accountability.

The Candid/Guidestar Gold Seal is the highest level of recognition that a nonprofit organization can receive for its transparency and integrity. It is awarded to organizations that have provided Candid/Guidestar with the necessary information and documentation to verify their commitment to transparency.

“We are honored to receive this recognition from Candid/Guidestar,” said Anthony Spano, Founder/Executive Director of The Hope Foundation of the Mahoning Valley. “Transparency and accountability are critical to building trust with our donors, partners, and the community we serve. This recognition demonstrates our commitment to operating with the highest level of integrity and making a positive impact in the lives of those we serve.”

The Hope Foundation of the Mahoning Valley provides a range of programs and services, including finance assistance for children and their families for medical treatment, equipment, supplies, etc. and granting wishes through its DreamCatcher for Kids program. The Foundation also partners with local organizations and community leaders to create a stronger, more resilient community.

“I am proud to see our organization being recognized by Guidestar for commitment to ethical and responsible best accounting practices,” said Amy Kaufman, Chair of the Board of Trustees. “It is crucial for a non-profit to be transparent and accountable in financial reporting. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our board, staff and volunteers. I am confident that this recognition will encourage more community members to support our cause, trusting their donations will be used for the greater good,”

To learn more about The Hope Foundation of the Mahoning Valley and their commitment to transparency and accountability, please visit their website at or Click Here to see our Candid/Guidestar profile.

About Candid/Guidestar:
Candid is a nonprofit organization that provides data, insights, and support to help improve the performance of philanthropy. Guidestar, a Candid program, provides information on the programs and finances of non-profit organizations to help donors make informed decisions.


The Hope Foundation of the Mahoning Valley: Since 2007, our nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization has coordinated the efforts of volunteers, funding, sponsorship partners, and a dedicated board of trustees to raise more than tens of thousands of dollars to help area children who are battling chronic and terminal illnesses. We provide charitable and financial support to local families to help improve the lives of chronically/terminally ill children and their families with money raised from donations and our signature fundraisers. For more information about The Hope Foundation please visit the website at

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