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Alleviating the Financial Burden that Comes with Cancer

Courtney Posing With Aiden

**The Hope Foundation is saddened to learn of the passing of Aiden Elder (2012-2019). Aiden and his family were the recipients of a financial grant from the Foundation several years ago. We ask that you keep Aiden and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Heaven has truly gained an angel. (Click here for more info).

Cancer changes our lives, but it won’t stop us from living life. This is something Aiden Elder and his family has embraced during trying times.

This is Aiden. For a 5 year old, he has an abundant amount of energy and enthusiasm that inspire, uplift and motivate each and every person whom he meets. So, when it came to the first day of school, Aiden’s excitement and jubilation was unlike anything his mother and father had ever experienced with him before. “Aiden is a fun-loving child who absolutely enjoys being in the company of others and the opportunity to play and interact with children his age was something he looked forward to the most,” said Aiden’s mom, Courtney.

However, Aiden encountered some obstacles along the way. That’s because he’s battling T-cell leukemia. This rare and sometimes aggressive form of childhood cancer causes an enlarged thymus, which can result in chest pain and difficulty breathing. For Aiden, this meant not being able to participate in recreational activities with the other children at school.

Living a normal life while battling cancer is challenging, uncertain and difficult, but Aiden and his family take each day in stride. A T-cell leukemia patient such as Aiden must follow a strict mediation schedule that fluctuates weekly along with regular visits to Akron Children’s Hospital. It got to a point when Courtney had to quit her job in order to take care of Aiden full-time. This meant making sacrifices with living expenses, but none more important than what Aiden was experiencing.

Aiden’s parents learned of The Hope Foundation of the Mahoning Valley and its mission to improve the quality of life for children and their families affected by cancer. They were deeply touched by the inspirational stories of those who were in the same position as them and received a helping hand from the foundation.

With some assistance, Aiden’s parents applied and received a grant from The Hope Foundation. Proceeds helped alleviate some of the stress and financial burden the family had gone through. “The grant has helped us tremendously in regards to living expenses and Aiden’s treatment expenditures and we couldn’t be more appreciative for The Hope Foundation,” stated Courtney.

Aiden is a fun-loving child whose personality inspires and brings happiness to all those he interacts with. Despite battling leukemia, he and his family are optimistic they will conquer this disease and live an even better life moving forward.

Child Showing Off Their New Basketball
Courtney Posing With Aiden
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