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Kaufman from the Butler, appointed to the Hope Foundation Board

Photo of Amy Kau

Photo of Amy Kau

Youngstown, Ohio-This past summer, the Hope Foundation of the Mahoning Valley approved and appointed Amy Kaufman, a local advocate to the Board of Trustees for a three year term through 2021, starting July 1.

Stories on how our grants have helped Kids:

Amy specializes in Non-profit Business Accounting Management and has been the Business Manager of the Butler Institute of American Art for the past 5 years.  She has worked at several other non-profits prior with her specialties always being reorganization of accounting and human resource procedural processes, network administration and overall cost allocation and cost-reduction directives.  She has managed over 30 grants and had her own successful business for a period of about 20 years.

Amy possesses a dual Masters in Business Administration with a Human Resource specialty as well as a Masters in Accounting and Financial Management.  She is currently one semester away from completing her Doctorate in Business Administration in Accounting.

Although Amy has a great passion for non-profit financial management, her true loves are her husband Scott, 3 children and her 4 grandchildren.  She enjoys spending time taking the kids to the park and also going swimming.  Her interest in the Hope Foundation stems from her lovely niece whom at the age of 4 was discovered to have life-threatenng insulin dependent diabetes.  Until recently thanks to the “pump” technology, she was receiving up to 7 injections a day.  It is amazing though, how resilient sweet Camille is despite her chronic condition. Amy hopes to bring her financial expertise to the table and aid in the fundraising for the Foundation.


The Hope Foundation of the Mahoning Valley: Since 2007, our nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization has coordinated the efforts of volunteers, funding, sponsorship partners, and a dedicated board of trustees to raise more than tens of thousands of dollars to help area children who are battling chronic and terminal illnesses. We provide charitable and financial support to local families to help of improve the lives of chronically/terminally ill children and their families with money raised from donations and our signature fundraisers. For more information about The Hope Foundation please visit the website at

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