A Gift of Strength and Fearlessness

Camp can sometimes be a second home to children. But for kids with serious illnesses, it can help build a sense of pride, accomplishment, and freedom while letting them focus on just being a kid.

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A Gift of a Homecoming

John was 15 years old when Mahoning County Juvenile Court initially took him out of his home for physically and verbally aggressive behavior, and for being non-compliant with house rules. In an effort to help change his behavior, the court referred him to a Multisystemic Therapy (MST) Program.

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A Gift of Calm Comfort

Autism can present a number of communication challenges for children. Some of the more severe cases can interfere with everyday life.

Henry, a student at Potential Development Preschool in Youngstown, cannot communicate in any way. This can make it difficult for his teachers to calm him during class. However, a grant from The Hope Foundation helped provide the means for a new soothing strategy.

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